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Please log in to the LVI-INFOport product information administration service.

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Front page of HVAC-database administration service

The LVI-database is both a HVAC-number register and a HVAC-product register and contains all HVAC-products, for which a LVI-number has been given. The LVI-database is administered using the LVI-INFOport administration service. Also the register operator uses the same service for updating the LVI-numbers and the product data linked.

Using this service you can view the product data of your own company's HVAC-products. You can browse between all the products, which have been given a LVI-number. You can check how the products have been named and what product information have been attached. You can also update or add new product information to your products and attach pictures, instructions and other attachments. Furthermore you can apply for new LVI-numbers and remove old numbers from the database.

If your company has been given LVI-numbers and you would like to administrate your product information using this service, you could ask for a username and password. With those you can log in to the service and start to administrate your own product's and the data attached to them.

After logging in, the "Application" page opens. On this page you can apply for LVI-numbers for your new products. Products, which already have a valid LVI-number, can be found on the "Product administration" page default view. You can also browse among the deleted products at the "Product administration" page under the item "Deleted". You can get more information about using the service from the company LVI-Numero Oy by sending a contact request to the e-mail address in the footer.

If your company has the needed user rights, you could log in to the service using the username and password, which were delivered to you.